Daron predicted a long time ago that film and photography disciplines would merge and has been focusing his skills and services around this idea since then in an expansive way. The power of delivering a congruous campaign that has continuity and clarity across multiple platforms using all of the tools available. Daron is now often being hired to shoot TVC's and stills campaigns simultaneously.

Over the years Daron has trained many people in the industry, from photographers to directors. Some of these include Vanessa Brewer (Van Vreden), Sarah de Pina (Grant) & Jahmil XT Qubeka. 

Daron has also spent the last few years focusing on new media, modern day social media communities, advertising & content ecosystems. We are well versed in this rapid changing landscape and knows what a significant role meaningful visual content and narrative has to play in it.

Daron Chatz is a creative who is compelled with the art of visual expression in all forms.

His skills range from photography and film to creative directing, post production and inventing.
He began his career in the late 80’s in the South African film industry, he then went on to assist Nick Boutlon in the professional photography industry where he received a wealth of knowledge from an exceptional teacher. A few years later Daron went on to start his own photography career.

Daron did well to establish himself as a top fashion, décor and advertising photographer in South Africa and abroad. The exciting expansion from there was back into motion picture lighting and then into filming, and soon daron was a well-respected DOP. He was then approached and offered his first TV commercials and so began his journey as a director.

Daron produced and directed commercials, TV and film, which then saw the birth of his JHB based production and post production companies. Around this time, Daron mentored now well-known and acclaimed film maker Jahmil XT Qubeka into the industry and they became business partners. Daron went on to service industry leaders across both television and film. At the same time, he was growing as a photographer.

His passion for storytelling and his sensitive attention to detail is very apparent in all of his work.
Clients love working with Daron due to his ability to full fill their vision and always go beyond the call of duty in the name of perfection. He cares very deeply for each and every project and has a great collaborative spirit. He also has an advanced technical understanding and his finger on the pulse of technology in this rapidly growing landscape. His combined creative and technical abilities make him very versatile and quite unique.

Aside from servicing ad agencies, magazines, tourism bodies, hotel groups, film distributors, corporates and TV channels he has a massive interest in giving back and contributing to the greater good. In his own words “I am blessed with an abundance of talents and skills, and absolutely see this as an opportunity to touch people’s hearts and make a difference”.

Daron trains and mentor’s youth on many levels as well as speaking at institutions and training facilities. He has mentored many highly successful individuals.

Daron loves all of the disciplines that he is involved in and has no preference for one over the other. To him it is using various tools and playing with the same principles. In the words of one of Daron’s most loyal clients, “Working with Daron is paramount to employing a secret weapon.”

Daron  now has a major focus on long form  content and has directed and shot various multi part series. “Since I was a child I have always wanted to be a long form story teller, and the opportunity to reach massive global audiences have opened up in such a beautiful way that my time is now for doccies, doccie series and films”, states Daron.