Once again we travel in a full circle, learning as we go.

It was recently thought that with this new expansive online content landscape coming to life, any content would plug the hole. Well, that didn’t work.

You cannot replace quality content and achieve the same result, simple. People are engaged by good story. An engaging narrative skilfully woven into the story structure that takes you on a journey. Sometimes meaningful and sometimes simply moving.

In every respect, skill does and should cost money. Fair exchange. People are realising this online. Audiences want to consume quality content, and it is this content that actually works so hard for advertisers. Thanks to the scientific back end of online ad spend we can gauge this in reports and it can be quantified by those measuring ROI as compelling ongoing.

Investing in great content works better than your other options.

A great example of this is a recent project that I directed for FIVE STAR MEDIA. The client is AMSTEL and the agency is OKLB.

The context of the campaign was to set up unexpected scenarios that would amplify the experience of the people in the films as well as the end viewer of course – #AMSTELAMPLIFIED.

Here we broke down the story and utilised skilful story structure to make the experience as impactful as possible. We looked at the various elements and decided how & when to introduce them, so that we could achieve effective escalation in the stories. This is a major point as it is the element that keeps viewers engaged. This campaign has been highly effective and we are currently planning more instalments.

We have also recently worked on a project with OKLB for Mc Donalds that had versions for TV and ONLINE that showcase my point about quality online content perfectly. In fact the client was so happy with the online version that they are now leading their TVC campaign with that version.

I am thankful that people are switching on to this fact and that people are getting the quality that they enjoy and that works. There is too much low-quality clutter out there which can simply cause aesthetic and communication depression and doesn’t work for anyone anyway.

Thanks for your time.

Daron Chatz