• Daron Chatz, VISUAL STORY TELLER, PHOTOGRAPHER & FILM DIRECTOR with more than two decades of experience, has a passion for collaborating and manifesting creative vision.
    Daron prides himself in his skill set and stated recently, "It is highly beneficial creating content with an in depth understanding of the current content and marketing landscape".

    Daron understands the vital role that content plays in communication and engagement, and is committed to delivering the highest quality on every project. "Establishing an emotional connection with your desired audience is my main objective" says Daron.

Commercial and Products



Your brand needs a visual voice, to connect and make an impact.

We understand how to best visually express your brand, products and services on multiple platforms, from magazine to billboard, TV and cinema, to YOUTUBE.

We’ve worked with top brands and advertising agencies on various campaigns and have a wealth of experience to draw from.

Hospitality and Tourism



There is a certain sensitivity that talks to people, draws them in and takes them on a journey.

This category is all about adventure. From 5-star hotels and safari lodges, to local and national tourism bodies.

Our role is to express the beauty and uniqueness that we encounter, in order to inspire the viewer and evoke further interest.



We have a passion for expressing creative process and essence and love to collaborate with artists. We also have a passion for long form film.

We have produced content for TV as well as cinema.

This category is home to our film projects including music videos, short films, feature films and documentaries.


in the content that we create together with our clients and always aim to impact your project or campaign in the most meaningful way.

We understand the importance of effective branding and the role that film and photography play in this visual age. With an in depth understanding of the everchanging visual communication landscape, we strive to create content that is relevant, engaging and impactful.

We have a solid support infrastucture that spans the country with offices in JHB, CPTN and PLETT as well as a global support structure and client base.

Decor and Lifestyle


Be it outdoor, indoor, baroque, contemporary or provençal, we have great understanding of style and loads of experience. 

We have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of magazines, retailers, interior decorators, fabric houses and designers.

It is with care and close attention to detail and that we make magic in this category.


Corporate and Industrial



Your company has a story to tell and we can help you express this in the most engaging and effective manner.

Our toolbox consists of photography, film, sound design, music, graphics, animation and knowledge of meaningful online and offline delivery.

If the intention is education, explanation, quality leads, sales or bookings, our visuals will help you achieve your end goal.

Fashion and Portrait



We love individual expression and collaboration.

In this category, we get to work with designers, art directors and stylists to make a statement.

Shooting fashion editorial is a wonderful experimental process and the creative playground for techniques that can later be used in campaigns.